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Suspension Repair and Brake Repair Services in Monrovia, MD


Parts & Maintenance

Stay safe on the road with regularly scheduled suspension, brake, and exhaust repairs from Green Valley Garage. We offer a variety of specialty services to keep your vehicle in perfect working condition at all times. Contact us today to arrange your next service visit.

Brakes and Suspension Systems

If your vehicle is making a scraping or a clanking noise, it may require suspension system maintenance. Our mechanics will diagnose your suspension system and take your vehicle for a road test to determine the exact cause of the issue. We will then give you an estimate before doing any work on the vehicle. You can rest easy knowing that we are well qualified to handle any job, no matter how big or small it may be.
Car parts — Car care in Monrovia, MD
We are certified for brakes and can fix any brake problem under the sun. Our mechanics offer brake inspections and road tests, brake pad replacements, and complete brake system reconstruction. All brake work comes with an accurate estimate that you must approve before we perform any work.

Suspension Specialties:

  • Ball Joints
  • Shocks
  • Springs
  • Struts
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Axles
Car suspension — Car care in Monrovia, MD

Custom Exhaust Systems

If your exhaust system is damaged or working inefficiently, bring your vehicle to Green Valley Garage to let our mechanics take a look at the problem. We provide comprehensive exhaust system inspections, exhaust system replacements, and specialty exhaust system design services. We have a machine shop on-site, so we can create custom exhaust components to fit your vehicle.

Exhaust System Specialties:

  • Design & Install Custom Exhaust Pipes
  • Replace Catalytic Converters
  • Replace Tail Pipes
Car exhaust — Car care in Monrovia, MD

Engine Performance Upgrades

Increase the performance of your engine with the upgrades and repairs from Green Valley Garage. We are your source for engine performance upgrades and emission repair services. Contact us today to schedule your next visit to our auto service center.

Engine Performance and Emission Repair Specialties

At Green Valley Garage, we offer full automotive repair services to vehicle owners throughout the greater Monrovia community. Our mechanics are certified in state emissions and can diagnose any issue when your "Check Engine" light turns on.
Our ASE®-certified master technicians can fix any issues with your vehicle. We handle everything, including catalytic converters, transmissions, radiators, oxygen sensors, fuel systems, and everything in between. Our shop is fully equipped to handle any automotive issue from regular oil changes to full engine and transmission overhauls.
We have a BG Products™ flush machine in our shop that allows us to flush fluids in any vehicle, including.
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Engine Oil
  • Radiator Fluid
  • Brake Fluid
Car engine — Car care in Monrovia, MD

Certified Auto Repairs

We have 7 bays and 3 full-time mechanics on staff. Plus, our shop is a certified Maryland State inspection location. When you bring your vehicle in for an inspection, we will check the entire car from top to bottom, including lights, brakes, glass, and exhaust systems.

Brand New Tires

Our auto service center also offers tires for your vehicle. We do not keep them in stock, but we can order them and have them ready to install within a day. You can count on us to provide certified tire mounting and balancing services as well.
The following is a list of some of the most popular services and products that we offer for Foreign/Domestic/All Makes :
  • Engine Repairs - Gas/Diesel
  • Transmissions
  • Clutches
  • Brakes
  • Maryland Vehicle Inspections
  • Axle Work - Bearings, Seals
  • Fuel Injection Systems/CleaningABS Diagnosis & Repair
  • Disc and Drum Brakes
  • Fluid Flushes / Scheduled Maintenance
  • Extended Warranty Work
  • Alignment/Front End
  • Electrical System
  • Batteries
  • Ignition
  • Shocks/Springs/Struts/Ball Joints
  • Air Conditioning/Heater Service
  • Smog Checks and Repairs
  • Starters/Alternators/Regulators
  • Cooling System
  • Radiators
  • Heater Cores
  • Lockout Service
  • “Check Engine Light” Diagnosis
  • Timing Chains / Timing Belts
  • Hoses/Belts
  • Factory Scheduled Maint. – Lube, Oil Change
  • Mufflers / Exhaust Systems
  • Water & Fuel Pumps
  • Radiator Flush & Fill
  • Emission Testing / Catalytic Converters
  • Tires/Mounting/Repair/Rotation/Balancing
Enhance your engine performance when you request service for the auto repair and maintenance specialties from our shop in Monrovia, Maryland.